Heather’s Hutch Cafe

With the current influx of bars, cafes and restaurants, we sometimes overlook places that do not rely on social media or any form of paid advertising except good ol’ word of mouth. Heather’s Hutch Cafe is nestled along the streets of Nedlands and is probably one of those places you often drive past and always wondered about. It seems that Heather’s Hutch has been in the same spot for the past 15 years, serving up affordable lunches to residents and uni students alike.

On this occasion, we arrived at Heather’s Hutch at lunchtime and the place was empty but don’t worry because once you’re in there, you’ll start to notice people coming and going. As previously mentioned, this is a small cafe and might be best described as “mom ‘n’ pop” style so expect to sit back and have a read while you wait for your food. It doesn’t take hours but it can take up to 30 minutes if there are a few tables occupied.

We ordered the Mexican focaccia, the Californian focaccia, a sausage roll and a tall glass of vanilla milkshake. The sausage roll was the first to arrive. It was served warm, bursting with sausage and with a side of tomato sauce. One of the first things we noticed was that there was a lot of sausage in this roll and it was pretty good. If we could have made any changes, it would be to have the pastry just a little crispier and flakier but that’s just our personal preference.

Sausage Roll

The milkshake arrived next. We’ve seen many places make milkshake by pouring flavoured syrup, milk and ice together and shaking that before pouring it into a glass which is not how a milkshake should be made. This milkshake was blended and you could see the hints of vanilla bean floating around. It’s not thick like an ice cream shake but it was cool, smooth and sweet and we couldn’t be happier.

Vanilla Milkshake

Our toasted focaccias were ready shortly after the milkshake arrived so we dug right into them. The toasted focaccias were freshly made and definitely hit the spot.

My Mexican focaccia was filled with chicken, capsicum, tomato and onions with cheese and homemade chilli salsa. This sandwich can pack some heat so if you don’t do well with chilli, be warned!

Mexican Focaccia

The Californian focaccia is filled with roast chicken, avocado, oven dried tomato and pesto.

Californian Focaccia

These focaccias were pretty big and priced at around $9 each, we’d say they’re really affordable too!

The food at Heather’s Hutch is homely, fresh and always makes us feel like we just had lunch at our grandmother’s.

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